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General Consultation - Master Your Health Session

General Consultation - Master Your Health Session

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A Master Your Health coaching session with Eric will provide you with clarity, education, understanding, and healing guidance.

Combining my studies in naturopathy, iridology, and herbalism, our session will set you up for success in your healing journey.

Here's What You Get:

     • A one hour 1-on-1 Session with me. During your session, we will assess where you are in terms of your health and what your specific challenges and goals are. All of your questions and/ or concerns will be answered.

     • Herbal Suggestions, Action Plans, and Protocols as needed.

     •  Emotional Support & Guidance.

     • Informative Detox Materials: Informative tools as needed.

After your purchase, please email me via the CONTACT page with the following information:
1. Your name and phone number so that we can schedule our session.

2. A brief summary of what your concern(s) or question(s) are so that I can better assist you at the time of our call. This email is just so that we have a starting point, but we will discuss all of your questions in depth via our session.

Public Figures/Celebrities— Email Confidentiality Agreements or NDAs to the Media Division after your booking (