Ascension Living - Terms & Conditions; Refund Policy

Ascension Living - Terms & Conditions; Refund Policy

Abandoned/ Inactive Cases:

After 14 days of non-communication between the client and Ascension Living LLC, unless otherwise agreed upon (such as waiting for an appointment), services will be considered abandoned/ inactive and no refunds will be issued. 

Also, the Health Assessment form, Business Agreement form, and Iridology Analysis Photos must be completed and sent to Ascension Living LLC within 2 weeks (14 days) of purchasing any program or the transaction will also be considered abandoned/ inactive.

A Reinstatement Fee of $225 per case will apply in order to reactivate an inactive/ abandoned case.

After an additional 30 days of non-communication (after the initial 14-day period), the Reinstatement Fee increases to $300 per case.

If you request a refund, it must be approved by Eric E. Sanchez or an Ascension Living LLC member of authority.

*The timeline above is set in place in order to prioritize those who are experiencing chronic health conditions and are urgently needing Ascension Living LLC's support.


Refunds For Services or Products:

Once any service has been purchased, a refund request must be approved. No request shall be approved after 48 hours of initial purchase or booking date.

Additionally, there are no refunds granted after:

1. A customer receives what is stated under the service or product page of choice.

2. A Health Assessment is reviewed and a Herbal Protocol, Diet Plan or Juicing Plan has been sent to the client/ customer. 

NOTE: Any refunds that are approved will be issued minus a 30% administration fee, plus any fees part of processing the transaction.

Forms of approved refunds will be:

  • Refunded back to the original form of payment.
  • Company credit.

*No refunds will be given for downloadable products (ebooks, pdfs, etc.).

Rescheduling; No Shows; Tardiness:

I truly value my clients and take our scheduled time together very seriously. I set multiple reminders and/ or alarms to ensure that I am present for my consultations and for the people I am working with. Because of this, I require a minimum of 12 hours notice if you need to reschedule your appointment. Once you commit to a time, please be sure to set it in your calendar with reminders. This ensures that you remember to be available on that specific day & time. 
* I allow one free rescheduled call if requested before the 12 hours leading up to our appointment. After this, a $20 reinstatement fee will be applied.
* I allow for a 10-minute grace period if you are late to our first scheduled call. After this grace period, the reinstatement fee will apply and we will need to reschedule.
Thank you so much for understanding and for valuing my time the way I value yours! Happy healing!


Termination Of Services:

At no time and under any circumstances shall Ascension Living LLC tolerate any acts of harassment, threats, violence, destruction, or abuse from the client and/ or any parties associated with said client. If this occurs, Ascension Living LLC reserves the right to immediately cease and dismiss all services with no refund.

If a refund is requested for a service that was terminated due to circumstances not listed above, the client understands that Ascension Living LLC reserves the right to approve or deny the request.

In purchasing any services or products, you are in agreement with these terms and conditions.