General Health Consultation + Protocol

General Health Consultation + Protocol

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Are you dealing with a condition such as skin issues, extreme anxiety, tumors, depression, undiagnosed symptoms, a virus, or anything else? Are you interested in ridding your body of parasites? Do you have general health questions? Not sure exactly where to start? Not sure if a juice fast is for you? Are you interested in transitioning to a whole-foods cooked or raw plant-based diet but not quite sure where to begin? Do you want to be lead down a path of TRUTH and learn how to finally heal ANY dis-ease?


I'm here to help! You are more powerful than you were ever lead to believe, and I’ll show you exactly how.


A general consultation is offered to those who have any questions about where to begin and need guidance on how to start their journey.


From people who are coming straight from the Standard American Diet to those who've eaten plant based for more than a decade, I have experience with clients of all levels. My approach in helping individuals to heal their bodies focuses on getting to the ROOT cause of their health challenges. That way, my clients have an approach that addresses all the blockages in their bodies (as opposed to treating individual symptoms, which only leads to further health complications down the road).


 1. A comprehensive phone call with me where we assess where you are in terms of your health and what your specific challenges and goals are. During this phone call I'll also answer any questions.
2. A personalized 2 week herbal protocol that will address YOUR individual needs.
3.  A meal plan with some general ideas of what to start consuming to kickstart your detoxification journey.
4. 2 week additional support included after you receive your protocol (with the opportunity for full time coaching after your protocol period).
5. Highly Informative Detox Materials: Guides, Files, Instructions, Charts, and Tools.


I offer clients both long & short term coaching after our initial consult period if it's something they're interested in. This way we can work on a closer and more in-depth level towards your goals on a daily basis where I can be reached anytime.


After payment, please email me via the CONTACT page with:
1. Your name and number so that we can schedule a phone call.
2. A very brief summary of what your concern(s) or question(s) are so that I can better assist you at the time of our call (just a few sentences). Note: This email is just so that we have a starting point, but we will discuss all of your questions in depth via our phone session.
Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor, meaning I have not been formally misinformed on how the human body holds onto and releases acid matter. I am a certified Detoxification Specialist Practitioner trained under Dr. Robert Morse N.D. at the International School of Detoxification.
I've studied herbalism at the Usha Research Institute located in La Ceiba, Honduras founded by the late great Dr. Sebi (Alfredo Bowman). My approach in helping my clients to heal their bodies is the only approach that gets to the root cause of the issue as apposed to blocking individual symptoms with chemical substances. I specialize in holistic plant & herbal therapy for regeneration of the body's glands, organs, tissues, mind, body & soul.