1 On 1 Juice Fast Coaching

1 On 1 Juice Fast Coaching

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Full time support, communication, and coaching for the entire duration of your juice fast. When you need me, I'm here! 

For those of you who know my story, you know that a 90 day juice "fast" (what I sometimes call a juice FEAST) completely changed my life. Read more about it HERE. I've done a 21 day, 90 day, and tons of 3 to 7 day juice feasts throughout the last couple of years.


I get a ton of messages from people asking me for advice and coaching with their juicing goals. Here is your chance to work directly with me towards your goals. Whether you want to do a 3 day juice feast, a week long, 30 day, or 90+ days- I am here for you.


 1. A comprehensive initial consultation where we’ll talk about why you're fasting (or “feasting") and what your specific goals are. I’ll answer all of your questions. We'll discuss every aspect of juicing. We will go over what the benefits are, how it can temporarily affect your social life, detoxification symptoms and more. We’ll come up with a plan that’ll ensure you meet all of your goals based on your current living environment.
2. FULL TIME COACHING for the entire duration of your “fast”. This gives you full emotional support as well as answers to all of your additional questions (e.i. detox symptoms, juicing suggestions, how to break your fast, etc.). This is a process where I'll be able to work with and guide you throughout your entire journey. When you need me, I’ll be here!
3. A personalized herbal protocol (via .pdf) specific to whatever your health challenges and/ or goals are for the entire duration of your fast.
4. Highly Informative Detox Materials: Guides, Files, Instructions, Charts, and Tools.


You have no reason to be scared as this is a 100% judgment free zone. I am here FOR YOU regardless of what your situation or goals are.
Upon payment, please email me via the CONTACT page with your name and phone number so that we can schedule our initial phone call.


*If you're unsure if Juice Feasting is for you, or if you have any other health questions or concerns, please refer to my General Consultation page.


Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor, meaning I have not been formally misinformed on how the human body holds onto and releases acid matter. I am a certified Detoxification Specialist Practitioner trained under Dr. Robert Morse N.D. at the International School of Detoxification.
I've studied herbalism at the Usha Research Institute located in La Ceiba, Honduras founded by the late great Dr. Sebi (Alfredo Bowman). My approach in helping my clients to heal their bodies is the only approach that gets to the root cause of the issue as opposed to blocking individual symptoms with chemical substances. I specialize in holistic plant & herbal therapy for regeneration of the body's glands, organs, tissues, mind, body & soul. In making any purchase, you are in agreement with the Ascension Living Terms & Conditions/ Refund Policy.