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Turning Malice Into Fertilizer


Hi friends. Every now and then, when I have a little break from helping clients, I like to write about other aspects of health. Health is about much more than just what you consume. If you’re familiar with me then you know that I put equal value on all three aspects of healing (the trinity): The mind, body, and soul.


As human beings here on Earth, we deal with people who are all on their own personal journeys. Naturally, this can lead to clashing with people who you do not see eye to eye with. Not everyone has done the same amount of emotional work as you have, and vice versa.


With my writing, my intention is to help you reflect and grow spiritually. This way, you can navigate your life with a deeper understanding of your purpose and who you really are.
This post is about understanding ill-intentioned individuals and is based on one of my quotes:


Allow any malice aimed towards you to act as fertilizer for your mind’s metamorphosis.” - Eric E. Sanchez



So, what is the definition of malice?


“the intention or desire to do evil; ill will”. 


Did you know that someone who was truly happy and comfortable with themselves would not go out of their way to knowingly (maliciously) make you feel uncomfortable, upset, uneasy, or belittled?


It can be easy to forget this. As humans, our first instinct is often to fight fire with fire. Influences such as reality TV, music, and social media would have people believe that arguing is the only way to deal with such a situation. This is why being mindful of the outside noise & information I consume has been such an important part of my growth.


Real contentment comes from understanding the root cause of an ill-intentioned person. What you’ll almost always find after connecting all the dots is that those who aim to hurt… are hurt. They need love the most. They are often deeply unhappy with themselves. Something is missing in their soul. Your high frequency can make them uneasy.


The acceptance of this is what true growth feels like. This is how you unlock the deeper levels of your soul. It is what leads you to respond with confidence, love, or not at all (as opposed to stooping down to their level). 


I believe that it’s a good idea to see these people as your “teachers”. And to view these situations as your “tests”. Eventually you’ll see that if you pass enough of these tests, you “graduate”. That’s when the universe rushes in to send you people and situations that are more in alignment with who you actually are. 


Ask yourself, “What can this situation teach me?” “Am I choosing to be around those who negatively influence me?” “Was my response to this situation something I am proud of?”
It is asking ourselves these deeper questions and choosing to making healthy adjustments that leads to our growth.


As you actively choose to follow your higher self you BECOME your higher self. That is how you ATTRACT all that is in alignment for you.


Your “higher self” (sometimes referred to as your spiritual self or the God within) is already inside of you. It is your emotional compass. It’s the part of you that your wisdom resides in. Choose to follow this part… it holds almost all the answers you’ll every need.