Chronicles of Eric Sanchez… A Reflection of 25 Years: Becoming More of "Me"

Originally published: February 9th, 2020

“Criticism is a small price to pay to live a life of the mind” - Elizabeth Gilbert.

I write this on my last day of being 24 years “old”. As of tomorrow, the “countdown to 30” begins. And although I’ve become very comfortable with the thought of aging (and yes, I’m still very young) I can’t help but look back at all that I’ve been through and how far I’ve come.

When I think about what people may assume that I’m most proud of, they may think that it has to do with working in the entertainment business for more than half a decade. They may assume that it's about all the people I’ve been able to work with and meet. The places that I’ve been able to travel to. People may assume that it has to do with my sense of self control. Having the will to go 90 days on nothing but juice. Or going nearly a year with eating nothing but raw living foods.

But when I think about my greatest accomplishments, what I am the most proud of is my growing ability to be more unapologetically myself. No longer feeding into the ideologies of other people. Tuning out “the noise”. It’s truly one of the most freeing and liberating feelings I have ever felt. To know that it does not matter what anyone thinks about what I choose to say or do with my life. To really understand that the person’s opinion that matters first and foremost is always going to be my own. This is something that I’ve understood for a long time but it’s not something that I truly put into practice until the last few years. It’s been a slow and steady process and I couldn’t be more proud of myself for getting through to the other side. There were a lot of road bumps along the way, but those were all strategically placed. They were all my teachers and they all contributed to who I am today.

One of the things I’ve been praying for the most in recent months is for the higher power to remove anything that does not belong in my life, and to bring me all that does. To surround me only with people who have my best interest at heart and who will be part of my growing evolution. To assist me in building only mutually beneficial and healthy relationships. I’ve noticed that as I continue to become more myself (not only in person but on social media, too), I attract more people who have good intentions and I also lose people & followers who do not belong. My growth is reflected to me when I get excited that I’ve lost followers after I’ve posted or said something that is more “me”. This is something that would’ve caused me anxiety in previous years. But now, the removal of what does not belong is what liberates and frees my mind. That almost sounds surreal and crazy to say. Now I see first hand what people mean when they said that “As you get older, you just stop caring as much what people think”. It's also very true that "When you move the junk out of the way, you make room for the new and improved". I love that my prayers are answered when people remove themselves from my life that are not in alignment with who I truly am.

I no longer want a following based off of an idea that people have of me. I no longer want those types of associates in my life, either. I no longer wish to cater to the hundreds of versions of me that people created in THEIR minds. I’m catering to the version of me that I know myself to be. And for 25 years old, I’m doing great.

There’s nothing I want more than to continue to become more of who I am. That’s what I pray for the most. I meditate on that. I manifest that. It’s no longer as much about the money or external/ material things. It’s about being a truly free and illuminated soul and connecting with my mind. It's about the ability to give back to society. It’s about liberation and pure independence. That’s what I long for. Escaping the prison of society’s boxes. Escaping the matrix. Continuing to turn my brain into my best friend. Needing very little from external sources.

I have come a long long way in 25 years. I am super excited to see what the 5 years leading up to 30 brings my way.

Some of you know that I wrote a note to myself on December 3rd, 2016 (just over 3 years ago). I wrote it with the intention of opening it on my 25th birthday (tomorrow). I don’t remember exactly what I wrote, but I do know it (partially) had to do with where I wanted to be emotionally and physically. I have a great feeling about having met my goals. I’ll be opening the note tomorrow and I may come back and share some of it on this post, depending on how personal it is.



Thank you for being here.


With love,

Eric Sanchez